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Do not lose out on the joys of life

Wasting  time on
negative energy
robs you
of the enjoyments 
of  life
that  surrounds 
us all

Alternative ways to develop new relationships

Social media  platforms and other types of  connective web spaces have  become a great way  to make  new friends.
This is also  an alternative  way to develop new  relationships.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement

Optimism is the faith  that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done  with out hope  and confidence.
Helen Keller

Lost in the dark

To simply not like a 
Human Being
for the color of their  skin
Makes it appear as if
are lost in the dark.
We  all  bleed  red  blood.

Keep an open mind as you begin again

Life is not always easy but we do have opportunities in front of us that we often ignore.
Keep an open mind as you begin  again.